Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wolf Blizter, The Howitzer, Fails

On September 18, Wolf Blitzer was a contestant on the latest edition of Celebrity Jeopardy. He joked with the production crew that he was in it to win 1 million dollars, what happened could not have been any further from his prediction. I have always had suspicions that Wolf was an empty suit, or more like an empty exotic name. Wolf was oddly pompous and arrogant during the Pre-Jeopardy Introduction, this could have been atleast been in part excused if he was smart. He was not. Watch the highlights: Wolf's fail.
Blitzer it turns out was a reporter at the Jerusalem post from 1973 until 1990. As a middle east affairs expert, and having lived there for 17 years, you think Blitzer would have known where Jesus and King david were born. He did not. Wolf ended with -4600 dollars, to Andy Richter's 38,000. Alex had to enact the pitty rule so that he could participate in final Jeopardy.
Of course a trivia show shouldn't be used as a complete tool with which to judge someone's intellect, but in Wolf's case his lack of general knowledge is troubling. With a citizen journalist breaking the investigative ACORN stories, you have to wonder about the state of journalism with anchors like Wolf piloting corporate news.
Watch Wolf's Katrina comments: Katrina, "So Poor and So Black".

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