Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week of the OUTBURST!

Who would of thought that the OUTBURST could have marred both sport, culture and politics in as little as one week. All that is needed now is a heckling Pope to round out the categorical completion of the outburst week. In seriousness, these events are independent and unrelated. Yet, they do hint at a broader lessening in the civility of discourse across the topical board. Kanye's head has exploded, Serena is too good to lose, and Joe Wilson is a irreverent populist, and the lot of us tend to scream rather than discuss (Tea party members, AKA Teabaggers).

To further discussion, I've always had a distaste for Kanye, a sunglasses display mannequin, I think his most recent outburst is a logical conclusion to his megalomaniacal behavior that record buyers ate up with a freaking spoon. Stehpen Colbert, a media sage, knew Kanye was an idiot from the beginning. Back in December, He pointed out in december that Kanye was certainly not the self proclaimed "voice of a generation of this decade", nor even the voice of his own records with all the autotunning he uses. See the foundation of the outbust, in operation humble Kanye.

See Kayne's baby like response here, maybe those shapes in his hair were hieroglyphic for dimwit

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