Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Problem Harleys, or Those that Own Them

This is a stunning photograph, but even the most red blooded harley rider might slight this woman for riding a pansy underpowered british machine. For those who don't know, there is divide between pretty much everyone who rides a harley davidson and those who don't. As for me, the verdict on the classic American motorcycle is not out, as my negative thoughts about the bike, may be a repressed and hardened desire to in fact own one. One thing is certain though, there is a difference in the riders. Nationally, bikers have been getting older on average across the board, but nowhere is this more true than with harley riders. When you look at the numbers, and the demographics of people that own them, i figure a lot of reverse mortgages have been taken out. There seems to be this over fifty group who are new to biking, and replace an objective view about motorcycles with chrome. I know that the fat guy in a tank top, shorts, white new balance sneakers and smug sense of legitimacy that only hidden by
tacky sunglasses, thinks he is better than me when i ride by. They are everywhere in RI, its as if there is an aesthetic cannon. A 400 pound cannon.

My issue is that the idea of having a loud big flaming motorcycle with the predicable tattoos , is that this is the embodimentof what a child thinks a tough motorcycle guy is. Some of these guys like having a flame painted shiny bike as much they probably enjoy staying up really really late and eating as much ice cream as they can just because there are no rules. Nothing changed in their development since childhood. What happened to introspection and moderation. Please consider this "Paris Match" cover, from "The Return of the Cafe Racers and the picture below. This stunning woman's bike may have been new at the time, but its not 1500ccs nor does it look like it was pimped by MTV. A lot of the harley customizations are factory anyway so its a moot argument.

To the contrary, one shouldn't over think these things, or you could end up with a shameless haute couture cafe racer, like ol' charles channel chugger.................despicable

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