Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mustachioed Bravado

The Town Hall health care debate has created some conversation, but it has mostly inspired daft people to draw Hitler mustaches on Obama posters.(See Barney Franks Retort to a Nazi fearing questioner town hall )
I would think a man's transition from the leader of the free world into a genocidal maniac would take decades, but for many patriots it just takes a few pen strokes. How loaded, how powerful, how shallow, is the hitler stache? It certainly has metaphysical qualities and symbolic weight, and I've been known to doodle it errantly on newspapers.

While not specifically applicable to the infamous German Toothbrush look, On the projection power the Daily Beast notes, beast that Matthew McAllest said of mustaches in Saddam era Iraq: “In those days, as now, it was considered manly to have a large mustache.” There is even an old Iraqi saying, “This is a very strong man—an eagle could land on his mustache.”

Watch the following link, Colbert rounds out the discussion to a point

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