Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free Market Woes, Health: A Right or Commodity?

In 2006, doctors in the USA performed 60 million surgeries. No other developed country is even close to this figure. That's 'cause they are socialized right, people can't see there doctors right? Well if people couldn't see there doctors, you'd think they'd be sick, and dying, yet the health of patients in these countries is the same if not better that the USA. When you look at the trend nationally, it is the places with the highest health care costs,in which patients receive less preventive care and on average are less healthy than counterparts( of similar demographic slices). 100,000 people die from surgery complications each year, say two vietnams a year, and a lot of these surgeries are unnecessary and suspiciously profitable . In a country, were 1 in 6 dollars are spent on health care, there is a general overuse and abuse of medicine.
Lawsuits are the reason health care is so expensive, right?
A General surgeon at McAllen county hospital in texas remarked, "we all know these arguments are bullshit. There is an over-utilization here, pure and simple".
A 2003 study by Elliot Fisher examined the health care of 1 million older adults. The study found that patients in regions that spent more on health care received 60 percent more care and attention than the average. Did this produce healthier patients? No long lines, faster test results, quality analysis, healthier patients? No. Rather, as compared to those who spent less on healthcare, they did worse because of procedural complications. The invisible hand seems to be wielding the gavel at a real and current Death Panel, its also bankrupting the country. PS NOBAMA health care, we want the FREEDOM to spend more for tests we dont need that may be as unnecessary as they are dangerous. In a few years a quarter of the GDP will be spent on health care, this figure should at least scare people. Freedom isn't free, it will be one quarter of 13 trillion dollars.

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