Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

This Labor Day in West Virginia, there was a "Friends of America Rally" which was sponsored
primarily by local oil gas and coal companies. The premiss of the whole event was that global warming is a conspiracy dreamed up by alarmists and communists alike to gyp the American working man out a decent dayswage. In reality, it was corporate coal that was playing off
base divisions and certain people's angst over the direction of the country to secure there own ends. The kicker is that along with fringe and corporate groups, Verizon Wireless was one of the events sponsors.
In typical dual faced fashion, Verizon has marketed itself as environmentally conscious company nationally, but acts according to its corporate interest on the less visable local level. I I'm not particularly vocal about environmental issues, its the hypocrisy i find issue with.

As far as the cheering participants in support of coal go, a recent study has found that:

"The coal industry generates a little more than $8 billion a year in economic
benefits for the Appalachian region. But, they put the value of premature
deaths attributable to the mining industry across the Appalachian coalfields
at — by a most conservative estimate — $42 billion" source

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