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Apocalypse Now: The Fantasy of Urban Decay Becomes Reality

The late 1980's Robocop series were much the like the mechanical protagonists of the current Transformers series: wildly popular and critical failures. As ridiculous as both of these movies' plots are, the setting of cybernetic Robocop is eerily relatable as it takes place in the "dystopian near-future, Detroit, Michigan is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin and unchecked crime". Additionally, the criminals of the movie seek to force "the old City of Detroit todefault on its debt, so that they can can foreclose, take over the city government, demolish the old city, and put up a planned community (Delta City) in its place. As part of this plan, it forces a police strike by terminating their pension plan and cutting salaries by 40%." Regardless of the director's decision for picking the city, their fictional basis for the collapse of a city and system is mirrored by Detroit's present downfall as the heart of American Industry.
And surely enough, as of 2009, a downturn in the economy and unwise if not criminal acts based on the securtization of debt have caused Robocops outlandish foreclosure plot to be quite believable. While there is not a Delta city in the works, the Times of London writes of detroit:

The murder rate is soaring. The school system is in receivership. The city treasury is $300 million (£182m) short of the funds needed to provide the most basic services such as rubbish collection. In its postwar heyday, when Detroit helped the US to dominate the world’s car market, it had 1.85 million people. Today, just over 900,000 remain. The motor city that once boasted the highest median income and home ownership rate in the US is today in the midst of a long and agonising death spiral.
The theme of struggle seems to be highly relatable at this current place of time no matter what its specific context. The novel and film adaption of The Road, though written in 2006 will prove to be rather timely as the author sought to create a world for his characters of ""a world in severe trauma"". The film is a "post-apocalyptic tale of a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed all civilization and, apparently, almost all life on earth." While Robocop predicits a future yet to happen with sets, The Road directors were able to find enough post-apocalyptic setting in America's rust belt so that sets were not necessary, in fact much of the filming was done in
" Pittsburgh as a practical can be very bleak. There are city blocks that are abandoned. The woods can be brutal. We didn't want to go the CGI world." Filmmakers also shot scenes in parts of New Orleans that had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina".
No critic could call Robocop prophetic, but no-one at this given point in time could argue with The Roads's setting, as it is not an interpretation, but a reality.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Intel is Thuggish, Oh Really?

The Attorney General of New york has filed suit against Intel, alleging that the company has been systematically bribing manufactures, effectively monopolizing the market through hundreds of millions of slush money:“Rather than compete fairly, Intel used bribery and coercion to maintain a stranglehold on the market,” said Attorney General Cuomo. “Intel’s actions not only unfairly restricted potential competitors, but also hurt average consumers who were robbed of better products and lower prices.”

One could have predicted such a story much earlier by simply looking at Intel's ad campaigns. If you think a producer enjoys its consumers being a slave to its products, imagine how much money they could make if they had actual slaves working for them. Though tongue and check, what colorblind historiographically challenged idiot cued up this ad. "Oh lets have one geeky white guy to whom a non-unique photoshopped group of blackmen are bowing down to, oh lets also make the cubicles look like a galleon, or some ship thats really fast, our processors are fast, that will get the message across, by the way don't forget to send out those bribes to europe and south korea"!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surreality TV

The Balloon Boy captured everyone's attention, it was a media spectacle and tugged at our heart strings. Then the Ruse was up: the public was mad, the family became a joke, and writers made "hot air" puns and left it at that.
The story should not be left at that, the length the Henne family went to be come known needs to be discussed further and fleshed out. This story is important not because of its drama or even bizarre context, but rather because it is indicative of a greater fame obsessed culture, partly produced by the prominence of reality and famous for nothing celebrities. The Henne family was so obsessed with reality TV that when they themselves became the news that the reality was at the moment a surreality.
Now we hate the family and make jokes about them. They attained fame, whether it was in the manner they intended or not and now they have been consumed, rebuked and tossed away.
Just as in Whorhal's Monroe, the 15 minutes of fame we seek may seem to be surrounded by regal gold, but on closer examination it is always revealed to be cheap metallic spray paint. It this light, it is fittng that the Balloon Family rose to fame on something that silver and glimmering, but ended up being fragile and cheap Mylar.

Friday, October 23, 2009

High and Mighty, The Internal Threat of Afghanistan's Opium

Besides inspiring a slew of drug fueled Vietnam melodramas, which every baby boomer mentions when they talk about how "bad" war is, China white heroin undermined the élan and fighting effectiveness of US forces. Drugs may help you deal with the burden that is the duality of man, but they also make you a piss poor soldier. Why is this relevant?
During the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan and subsequent occupation, statistics reveal that more that 20 percent of the Soviet army became dependent on Heroin. What a grunge rockstart might spend thousands on, the laws of supply and demand make a day's supply of herion availible to US soldiers in Afghanistan for less than a few dollars. Though I have absolute faith in our fighting men, Patriotism has been known to bend to opportunity.

Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of the UNODC, follows a common strain of thought as he remarked, "The Taliban's direct involvement in the opium trade allows them to fund a war machine that is becoming technologically more complex "

Everyone knows that 92%, or some huge percentage whatever it be, of the world's opiates come from Afghanistan and that money and drugs pose significant external threats. The untold time bomb is this plentiful drug's internal danger to US fighting forces. Its not the guns that the taleban gets from drug money that may be the most dangerous to US interests, but the drugs that make our guns less effective. Statistics point to a relatively, and suspiciously low number of US troops testing positive for drug use. Numbers in this case are not as important in their volume as they are in their trends. And the Trend is this: According to the VA’s 2008 report on substance abuse, 22,024 veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) sought treatment for substance abuse of all kinds at the VA. That was double the number of just two years earlier. Double trouble. Rates will rise and will potentially mushroom depending on a potential deployment increase. That being so, George Wight, a Pentagon spokesman said, "“Through September 2006, [there were] no positive urinalysis results among deployed soldiers for heroin,”. Really, no one? Even if the Vatican deployed 10,000 saints to Afghanistan, I have no doubt that at least one would succumb, divine as they are.
If we wish to take care of our soldiers and win wars, perhaps the pentagon should reconcile their treatment of symptoms with a denial of its cause. A taste for heroin followed the Red Army soldiers home, thanks to deployment a drug that had little presence in Russia has made it the world's number one consumer. Consequently,today Russia's HIV rates are off the charts also, $1a gram heroin has far reaching ramifications that even the atlantic may not isolate. Remember American Gangster and those cargo planes, that was a true story: "In 2005 an Air National Guard pilot and a sergeant used a C-5 Galaxy military transport plane to sneak nearly 300,000 Ecstasy pills from Germany into New York".

And we are not talking about the hopelessly hashish smoking Afghan national army, that is another story in itself.

see :

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The American Taliban

Let me start out by saying that I am not a Cultural relativist. The Western conception that has based society and government on the individual and his rights, is the most Just. The Taliban are awful medievalists, but beyond the immediate context, there are undertones to their resistance and resolution that are, oddly enough, parallel to a revolutionary American ethos.
Though distinct events in American history, the American revolution and civil war linger in collective memory and helped form an identity forged in part in the heat of battle. Along with the blood of patriots being the breast-milk of liberty, it has been a devotion to the close knit familial units that have moved Americans to rebel against what they perceived to be unjust systems. Whether it be Imperial George or Federal Lincoln, the imposition and distrust of centralized rule is a strong narrative to this day. Favorite son of the South Robert E Lee writes that despite his,

"devotion to the Union and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home. I have therefore resigned my commission in the Army, and save in defense of my native State, with the sincere hope that my poor services may never be needed, I hope I may never be called on to draw my sword..."

The loose federalism prior to the civil war helped to create very local identities and loyalties. With the absence of the Federal system as a source of governance and services, family and local structures galvanized to form the distant south's political and social fabric.

Likewise, from the loose reign of the British colonial government prior to the 1760's grew a unique and localized colonial identity. If a disengaged and distant central power could allow the emergence of shattered and colloquial identities, than it can only be imagined challenging it would be to form a national identity and consensus for a people that have existed in a vacuum of Federal Government. That vacuum realized is Afghanistan.

Enter Mullah Omar, the military leader of the Taleban who has amazingly fought and evaded US capture for eight years. On Omar, Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer who coordinated the Obama administration’s initial review of Afghanistan policy in the spring says of Omar, “This is an amazing story,” “He’s a semiliterate individual who has met with no more than a handful of non-Muslims in his entire life. And he’s staged one of the most remarkable military comebacks in modern history.” When you get over the fact that he is an Islamist, he sounds an awful lot like the frontier educated Davey Crockett or Daniel Boone, fighting a lopsidedand ultimately futile fight at the Alamo. This Underdog construct is another parallel, but that is another discussion. Think of that moniker often seen on bumper stickers or protest signs of patriotic and not so subtle vets, "Gods, Guns, Guts".
Though the context is entirely different, if Omar had an SUV, i don't think he'd change the bumper sticker.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Government Intervention and the Free Market

If you've ever had a soda out of glass bottle, I am sure you were glad that it didn't explode in your face in mid-swig. Whether it be food, or cars, things are almost always better with tempered regulation. (Maybe not for the temporary profit seeker, but for society and producer overall) Free market or not, what primarily stands between grape soda glass shards in your eye is government regulation. The case is most visibly and strongly made here in this consumer reports video, a comparison between the improved automotive standards from 1959-2009/
watch video here: VIDEO

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The New Yorker was Right: When Art Becomes Reality

Beyond the hyperbole in this New Yorker cover, something as simple as projecting Michelle Obama's non-straightened, non european style hair, as radical, speaks the shortcomings of race relations in the US. Jimmy Carter may have been the worst president in recent times, but his words recently do hold some weight. Every pundit past the right of center has lambasted Carter. Foremost, just because Michael Steele is black, does not mean racism is gone in modern conservative America. Joe Scarbourough had a field day, with this idea, giggling while suggesting that according to Carter, Michael Steele must be racist for disagreeing with Obama. Joe, there are better ways to prove your not a racist, than to include someone who agrees with you into an argument, just because of his race. Talk about Token.
Jimmy Carter my be off base, but i look at it in this light: In 2004 the issue that was most important to voters and decided the election was not the economy or two wars, but "cultural issues"(gay marriage/ abortion etc.). Culture and ethics are based on identity, and if a political opponent has a different cultural identity, then it is only natural that some values voters will dislike Obama solely for this fact.
This is expected, there are 300 million people in the country and there will be fringe voters everywhere. The problem now is that there has been interaction and reinforcement of these fringe and indeed racist ideas, with media and political Figures.

The Media Matters
In the age of the 24 hour news-network and rampant internet conspiracy theories, the media has a special responsibility to filter out popular, yet baseless beliefs and report critically on substantiated events. The reality is that there is a lot of advocacy journalism that instead of putting to rest fears about Obama being a racial activist, the feed off them to gain viewership and a national voice. Is there any other reason Glenn Beck is on the cover of time. The problem with the media as related to the Obama-race issue is that Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs have validated many peoples' suspicions and enforeced their biases simply by mentioning conspiracies on their credible network platforms. Critics are supposed to pick out what is the best, or has the most truth so that the less informed can gain insight. These guys are doing the exact opposite by playing to what the dissenting portion of the population wants to hear. Here Glenn Beck talk about how Obama, Must hate white culture.
This racial issue can't be over looked, recently Rush Limbaugh has suggest that the Public Option is really an effort at reparations, in effect racially charging the health care reform debate.

Blunt, Not so Subtle: Politics Race and Vote Getting...

Just recently at the voters value summit, congressman Roy Blunt opened with a joke about a money problem in colonial India, and then likened it to the problem faced in washington. Oh thats funny, but who exactly do you think he is comparing to a money, someone who likes bananas?
watch it for yourself: here

Young Guns

Days before the election for the chairmanship of the young republicans, the frontrunner Audra Sigler Shay was called out for seeming to support racist language. She later apologized for "lol"ing at Obama being among other things a "mad coon" and a terrorist. She passed off incident claiming she misread Eric S Piker's Comments, I think she just misjudged facebook as a forum where she could voice her personal opinions without ridicule. Oh, and guess what, event after this gaffe, she was voted in as chairman. See the story here: here

As for fringe protesters, we have all seen them, its not worth the post. I will mention that RI tea party president went on the radio saying all this talk about obama and race was misplaced because he is not african american because he had an African father and white mother. Some needs to tell her that race is a social construct, if you appear black than ipso facto your are. In fact breaking up the african american community into slivers is just another way to marginalize them. I don't particularly care about the race issue, just calling out dumb Rhode Islanders .

Free Market Woes, Health: A Right or Commodity?

In 2006, doctors in the USA performed 60 million surgeries. No other developed country is even close to this figure. That's 'cause they are socialized right, people can't see there doctors right? Well if people couldn't see there doctors, you'd think they'd be sick, and dying, yet the health of patients in these countries is the same if not better that the USA. When you look at the trend nationally, it is the places with the highest health care costs,in which patients receive less preventive care and on average are less healthy than counterparts( of similar demographic slices). 100,000 people die from surgery complications each year, say two vietnams a year, and a lot of these surgeries are unnecessary and suspiciously profitable . In a country, were 1 in 6 dollars are spent on health care, there is a general overuse and abuse of medicine.
Lawsuits are the reason health care is so expensive, right?
A General surgeon at McAllen county hospital in texas remarked, "we all know these arguments are bullshit. There is an over-utilization here, pure and simple".
A 2003 study by Elliot Fisher examined the health care of 1 million older adults. The study found that patients in regions that spent more on health care received 60 percent more care and attention than the average. Did this produce healthier patients? No long lines, faster test results, quality analysis, healthier patients? No. Rather, as compared to those who spent less on healthcare, they did worse because of procedural complications. The invisible hand seems to be wielding the gavel at a real and current Death Panel, its also bankrupting the country. PS NOBAMA health care, we want the FREEDOM to spend more for tests we dont need that may be as unnecessary as they are dangerous. In a few years a quarter of the GDP will be spent on health care, this figure should at least scare people. Freedom isn't free, it will be one quarter of 13 trillion dollars.

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Cows Grazing in Portsmouth

These are cows that i drew grazing in Portsmouth RI, real life of riley these cows

Monday, September 21, 2009

Death Panels, The Money Behind the Monikers

This Sunday, the Rep. minority leader from Ohio John Boehner, was on Meet the Press. See the interview here Short from calling President Obama a socialist, Boehner decried the Health reform initiative as a government takeover that would result in higher taxes and increased spending. Without a structural overhaul, a republican halfway reform would merely subsidize insurance companies, allowing them to continue their monopolies and price structures. That being said, this is not the place to debate the implications of potential plans. My issue is the PR campaign that is being waged by big insurance companies, their congressional contacts and protesting blowhards. Indeed, Human Inc., the second largest provider of medicare plans sent letters to beneficiaries, stating that "millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable". The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services has launched an investigation into Humana's efforts to rally seniors with false information and for violating the terms of their provider status as a bully pulpit to effect legislation. Jonathan Blum, CMS's acting director said the agency "places strict limits and oversight on how plans communicate with beneficiaries. There's a potential violation of CMS's marketing rule." Is there any other explanation needed to explain the rise of angry old people at townhall meetings. The biggest tragedy of this whole debate are the working class protesters who have been moved by fear, bigotry and obtuse slogans to cheer against a reform that would benefit them.

Is Boehner principally against the public option? He may be, but the number trail tells of other incentives. This first figure from Open reveals that the number one contributor to Boehner's reelection bids are members of the Insurance idustry:
Our second figure shows his money as compared to the average house number. Is it any coincidence that his money, a plurality of which is from insurance companies, has astronomically peaked as the health care debate has heated up?

These last two figures show that on average, the Insurance industry has made the majority of their contributions to Republicans, with only an average of 32% given to Democrats. Lastly, the bar graph on the left shows that spending is trending uncharacteristically towards the democrats.(blue bar is dems, red is republicans). This is because there is no need for the industry to pay those Republicans already in their pockets, they are reaching out to the Blue Dog Democrats with cash in an effort to strike down reform from both angles. This is the only explanation for the break in the 18 year trend. DEATH PANNELS!!!

Kanye Through Time

I don't know if Kanye will be able to outlive his MTV debacle. It has already spawned a "imma let you finish" website. This concept is right up there with lolcatz, or at least for the time being. Check the submissions here

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wolf Blizter, The Howitzer, Fails

On September 18, Wolf Blitzer was a contestant on the latest edition of Celebrity Jeopardy. He joked with the production crew that he was in it to win 1 million dollars, what happened could not have been any further from his prediction. I have always had suspicions that Wolf was an empty suit, or more like an empty exotic name. Wolf was oddly pompous and arrogant during the Pre-Jeopardy Introduction, this could have been atleast been in part excused if he was smart. He was not. Watch the highlights: Wolf's fail.
Blitzer it turns out was a reporter at the Jerusalem post from 1973 until 1990. As a middle east affairs expert, and having lived there for 17 years, you think Blitzer would have known where Jesus and King david were born. He did not. Wolf ended with -4600 dollars, to Andy Richter's 38,000. Alex had to enact the pitty rule so that he could participate in final Jeopardy.
Of course a trivia show shouldn't be used as a complete tool with which to judge someone's intellect, but in Wolf's case his lack of general knowledge is troubling. With a citizen journalist breaking the investigative ACORN stories, you have to wonder about the state of journalism with anchors like Wolf piloting corporate news.
Watch Wolf's Katrina comments: Katrina, "So Poor and So Black".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Problem Harleys, or Those that Own Them

This is a stunning photograph, but even the most red blooded harley rider might slight this woman for riding a pansy underpowered british machine. For those who don't know, there is divide between pretty much everyone who rides a harley davidson and those who don't. As for me, the verdict on the classic American motorcycle is not out, as my negative thoughts about the bike, may be a repressed and hardened desire to in fact own one. One thing is certain though, there is a difference in the riders. Nationally, bikers have been getting older on average across the board, but nowhere is this more true than with harley riders. When you look at the numbers, and the demographics of people that own them, i figure a lot of reverse mortgages have been taken out. There seems to be this over fifty group who are new to biking, and replace an objective view about motorcycles with chrome. I know that the fat guy in a tank top, shorts, white new balance sneakers and smug sense of legitimacy that only hidden by
tacky sunglasses, thinks he is better than me when i ride by. They are everywhere in RI, its as if there is an aesthetic cannon. A 400 pound cannon.

My issue is that the idea of having a loud big flaming motorcycle with the predicable tattoos , is that this is the embodimentof what a child thinks a tough motorcycle guy is. Some of these guys like having a flame painted shiny bike as much they probably enjoy staying up really really late and eating as much ice cream as they can just because there are no rules. Nothing changed in their development since childhood. What happened to introspection and moderation. Please consider this "Paris Match" cover, from "The Return of the Cafe Racers and the picture below. This stunning woman's bike may have been new at the time, but its not 1500ccs nor does it look like it was pimped by MTV. A lot of the harley customizations are factory anyway so its a moot argument.

To the contrary, one shouldn't over think these things, or you could end up with a shameless haute couture cafe racer, like ol' charles channel chugger.................despicable

Week of the OUTBURST!

Who would of thought that the OUTBURST could have marred both sport, culture and politics in as little as one week. All that is needed now is a heckling Pope to round out the categorical completion of the outburst week. In seriousness, these events are independent and unrelated. Yet, they do hint at a broader lessening in the civility of discourse across the topical board. Kanye's head has exploded, Serena is too good to lose, and Joe Wilson is a irreverent populist, and the lot of us tend to scream rather than discuss (Tea party members, AKA Teabaggers).

To further discussion, I've always had a distaste for Kanye, a sunglasses display mannequin, I think his most recent outburst is a logical conclusion to his megalomaniacal behavior that record buyers ate up with a freaking spoon. Stehpen Colbert, a media sage, knew Kanye was an idiot from the beginning. Back in December, He pointed out in december that Kanye was certainly not the self proclaimed "voice of a generation of this decade", nor even the voice of his own records with all the autotunning he uses. See the foundation of the outbust, in operation humble Kanye.

See Kayne's baby like response here, maybe those shapes in his hair were hieroglyphic for dimwit

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Racism In the Old World, Can You Spot the Difference Between the Two Phots?

The top version of this ad is a Microsoft Advert publicized in the US. The second one is the same picture of course, save one difference, circulated in Poland. While Poland my not be the most diverse, nor liberal and in eastern Europe, for all of the USA's klan reputation, it is in my opinion that Europeans hold an albeit more subtle, but more pervasive biases.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interwebz, What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

A lot is lost in internet communication, but this problem is often worsened by the generational divide. There is an embarrassing and more explicit face-book accident circulating the web, but i feel this gem more fully captures the problem.
as Follows major lulz:

Mustachioed Bravado

The Town Hall health care debate has created some conversation, but it has mostly inspired daft people to draw Hitler mustaches on Obama posters.(See Barney Franks Retort to a Nazi fearing questioner town hall )
I would think a man's transition from the leader of the free world into a genocidal maniac would take decades, but for many patriots it just takes a few pen strokes. How loaded, how powerful, how shallow, is the hitler stache? It certainly has metaphysical qualities and symbolic weight, and I've been known to doodle it errantly on newspapers.

While not specifically applicable to the infamous German Toothbrush look, On the projection power the Daily Beast notes, beast that Matthew McAllest said of mustaches in Saddam era Iraq: “In those days, as now, it was considered manly to have a large mustache.” There is even an old Iraqi saying, “This is a very strong man—an eagle could land on his mustache.”

Watch the following link, Colbert rounds out the discussion to a point

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

This Labor Day in West Virginia, there was a "Friends of America Rally" which was sponsored
primarily by local oil gas and coal companies. The premiss of the whole event was that global warming is a conspiracy dreamed up by alarmists and communists alike to gyp the American working man out a decent dayswage. In reality, it was corporate coal that was playing off
base divisions and certain people's angst over the direction of the country to secure there own ends. The kicker is that along with fringe and corporate groups, Verizon Wireless was one of the events sponsors.
In typical dual faced fashion, Verizon has marketed itself as environmentally conscious company nationally, but acts according to its corporate interest on the less visable local level. I I'm not particularly vocal about environmental issues, its the hypocrisy i find issue with.

As far as the cheering participants in support of coal go, a recent study has found that:

"The coal industry generates a little more than $8 billion a year in economic
benefits for the Appalachian region. But, they put the value of premature
deaths attributable to the mining industry across the Appalachian coalfields
at — by a most conservative estimate — $42 billion" source

Spelling Bee Blues

The most exciting program on ESPN has to be the Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee. While a lot of people can be faulted for knowing only a little about most things, it seems Spelling Champs know everything about spelling and nothing more. If there was ever idiot savant, no one Tops Evan O'dorney. See his trying interview, a verifiable youtube sensation:

Eager for more, check out this O'dorney inspired Remix Rave, I could see this in the clubs, " is it latin, is it latin, is it latin"?

In conclusion, homeschooling and savant style focus should be banned.

HESS and US RT1.

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle back from Waterville ME. Accompanying my girlfriend and deeming it dumb to take two cars, we opted for the Transformers option. In a form popularized by Hess's Christmas time toys, we put the motorcycle in the back of her pickup for the ride up, and then wheeled it out when it was time for me to head home.

My recently fixed 1982 Honda cx500 is a beautifully working machine, but it doesn't belong on I95 where people are cruising at 80 mph. That being so i started down US RT1. Rt 1
is the oldest highway in the US, simply, from what i knew of it in Maine,
i thought the whole thing would be quaint. (RT. 1 is in red, i traveled from the center
of maine to RI).
To the contrary, it was most memorably dirty, congested and derelict,
(save for resort to
wns in maine and farms in northern mass.)
This first picture is just south of Portland ME outside a Dunkin Donuts. Besides empty condos and falling values of corporate property, the rural face of the credit crunch seems to be empty motels. This stop was depressing, there were mostly overweight people driving overweight SUVs to eat calorie laden donuts, a treat made possible by US sugar embargo and Tax dollar subsidies.
After slow traveling, I had to get over to the highway, I traveled some time to Newburryport Mass where i stopped at a Mobile station. Inside, the song "smile like you mean it was playing". I only mention it because there could not have been a starker difference to the pumping lyrics and the attendant's expression.
(Here i am at the mobile gas).

I after close to 6 hours of ridding, i stopped at a truck stop to stretch out. Diesel engines are extremely hard to start, but i hadn't realized that sleeping truckers keep their engines going at these stops. I did a whole series of exercises and stretches, i was beat. The cx 500 is all you never need, but it certainly isn't a lazy boy. In retrospect, I'm glad i wasn't accosted by a lonesome trucker who mistook my my aerobics for a rendition of the YMCA.
Here we are weeds among metal and retreating vacationers, Route I95, 30 miles north of providence.